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Why Kondarsoft® ?

KondarSoft® is a unique platform dedicated for selling spare parts online. It was developed and optimized by Kondar Global Solutions Ltd (KGS) to boost your online spare parts sales of all type of machines, vehicles or devices in a B2B or B2C environment.

Kondar Global Solutions Ltd (KGS) is a Canadian company incorporated since July 2018 under the registration number BC0975004. and it is headquartered in Vancouver British Columbia.

KGS has conducted a deep analysis of spare parts online selling specific challenges to offer genuine solutions for listing issues, inventory management and technical datasheets preparation.

KGS will accompany you to achieve success at all the levels of your e-store creation. We have local sales representatives in many countries and We offer a variety of formulas to help you make the best decision that fits your current situation and serves your goals.

We are willing to buy your inventory and resell it in a drop shipping business model. Please contact your local procurement officer for more details.

Who is it for?

  • For established manufacturers, distributors or retailers of spare parts who are selling offline since years.
  • For startup businesses who are planning to sell spare parts online.
Features   Benefits
No credit card or any financial data required to signup. Trying Kondarsoft® is totally free. You can cancel at any time.
No unexpected or hidden fees, whatsoever, except the
tailored transaction fees.
Enjoy the best service for the right cost.
Swift signup process. Made simple for your peace of mind. You are five minutes away from joining the platform.
To access the e-store, you will need to simultaneously verify
your email address and cellphone number. The verification
process will take one minute.
Highly secure environment for your online business. acquire
neat and verified clients.
Multilingual back and front end with full support of left-to-right
& right-to-left languages.
Reach your target market wherever it is in the world.
Multi credit card processors and shipping carriers. Connect with your clients and start processing orders with no
hassle or limitations.
Combined and optimized data entry, marketing, accounting,
shipping and sales functionalities.
Save hours of tedious work for you & your team.
Free 24/7 technical support (chat, email, audio or video) Profit from a real time support service and a team ready to intervene.
Free remote or in person training sessions. Possible free
e-store setup for the eligible businesses.
Easily setup, manage and attune your e-store with your
country’s regulatory requirements.

How it works?

Follow these 5 steps to use KondarSoft®:


2-Customize your e-store

You will get access to your own dashboard to fully customize your e-store: add your personal logo, manage front and back ends. Change or add language and more.


3-List your products

Add your product data after defining your inventory categories (products pictures, description, price, dimensions…etc.).


4-Set up your payment & delivery methods

Insert merchant account details with one payment processor, example: Stripe or Bambora. Add Shipping methods for delivery purposes, example UPS or FedEx.


5-Launch your e-store to go LIVE!

Congratulation! You can now try Kondarsoft® free for selling goods worth 5000 USD accumulated or for 15 calendar days. Once the trial period is over, KondarSoft® algorithm will determine the most competitive transaction fees on a case-to-case basis.